About Regina

Regina Troyer, founder and owner of The Refinery Coffee Company, is no stranger to hard work. Having grown up as one of four daughters in an amish family, Regina attributes much of her success to her father’s mantra: “Work at everything with all that you have. Put your Heart into it. Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. Creating a sense of family and community has always been important to Regina and that shows in every aspect of business at the Refinery. What started off as a small endeavor has grown into a company that is celebrated worldwide, having roasted over 55,000 pounds of coffee just last year. Funny enough, Troyer wasn’t always a coffee lover. At the age of 21 she embarked on a three month mission trip to Kona, Hawaii with an organization called YWAM. Throughout her time in Kona, Regina resided in a hostel by the name of King’s Mansion, which sat at the top of a hill. Little did she know, at the bottom of that very same hill sat Greenwell Farms, the coffee farm that would grow the beans she would begin to sell 16 years later. Regina is involved in every aspect of her business, working tirelessly to perfect the craft of coffee roasting through charting temperatures, cupping, tasting, fundraising and wholesaling. “I believe in our products”, says Troyer, “Our coffee goes to a lot of different places and can be found in many different homes. It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that so many people are enjoying our coffee every morning and that it is quality. We care about what goes in your cup”. Coffee isn’t just coffee, it is community. It draws people together and provides the motivation to tackle each new day head on: Nobody understands that better than Regina Troyer. 


The Refinery strives to maintain the highest level of excellence in the quality of our products  and in the service we give. Our Specialty is “Air Roasted ” coffee, ground and roasted on site. We offer a wide variety of single origin coffees as well as blends from around the globe, offering specials each and every month!

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1525 W. Wilden Ave. Goshen, IN 46528
(Across the tracks from Martins Supermarket)