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Better Not Bitter…

Fresh Roasted Coffee…Taste the Difference!

Brew Better…Not Bitter!  More about our roasting….
The Refinery Coffee Co. uses a unique fluid bed hot air roasting system to roast its coffee. This type of procedure is characterized by a clean smooth tasting coffee.
The fluid bed machine creates clean coffee by forcing high velocity air thru the bed of the beans, lifting them in a regular pattern within the roasting chamber. The ventilation system pulls smoke and chaff off of the beans, as fresh air enters the bottom. All of this eliminates the coating of the coffee beans which produces a bitter, acidic taste that may result when using a traditional drum roasting process.
The re-circulation of smoke and chaff are eliminated from being absorbed and redeposited in the beans, thus giving us the end result;a clean smooth tasting coffee without the bitter after-taste.
For those of you interested in ordering on-line please visit our online store or drop us an email @ We accept visa, master-card & discover. One of our staff will contact you regarding pricing and availability.

Because we roast to order: please allow 3 business days for your order to be processed!

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