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Hand-crafted Coffee!

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That’s our specialty!

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Facts About Our Coffee

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  • We Air-roast for a cleaner taste
  • We are committed to freshness
  • We are a Micro-Roaster
  • We select the finest Arabica beans
  • We roast with a broader purpose

We Spill The Beans…

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…on the secret of great coffee!

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Little Unknown Coffee Facts

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Did you know? There are approximately 2 coffee beans in each coffee cherry? That Robusta Coffee Beans have more caffeine than Arabica Coffee Beans? A darker roasted coffee contains less caffeine than one that has been roasted light…interesting. It takes between 35-45 Coffee Beans to produce a shot of espresso. The human body eliminates 20% of the caffeine out of it’s system every hour. What is the best way to brew coffee? As with roasts and blends, there’s no one […]

Regina Troyer

Regina is the owner/operator of The Refinery Cafe. She and her husband Steve founded The Refinery Cafe in November of 2001. What Regina enjoys most about The Refinery is the daily interaction with people. She continues to perfect her craft in coffee roasting. Recently she traveled to Nicaragua and Kona, Hawaii where she has visited various coffee estates and was able to watch the harvesting process of the coffee cherries. She enthusiastically supports farmer Diego Chaverria by participating in a […]

How To Buy

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You can be brewing our delicious coffee yourself in a couple of days by buying right here from our online store ». Can’t wait? Pick a bag or 2 up at our Goshen location.

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Fine is our middle name…

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The Best Coffee Beans Money Can Buy

Better Not Bitter…

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Brew Better…Not Bitter!

Learn Why Our Air Roast Process Works »

Bean There, Done That…

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Regina’s trip to Nicaragua